34 & 35 Ridgeway, Slough

A building was being redeveloped to house delicate art works. Due to the nature and importance of the items being stored, there was a need to ensure that the environment was exactly right and the temperature could be controlled in the right way. 

Ground Source heating is known for its ability to control room temperature effectively and so this option was selected for this project. The tendering process required us to demonstrate our ability to install such a system within the time frames and space restrictions. Following this tender we were awarded the contract by the specialist contractor for the full supply, fabrication and installation of both plant rooms.

We are well equipped to deal with challenging projects and this was no different. Both plant rooms were not straightforward due to the size of the rooms and the amount of pipe and equipment required to be installed. As we have a very experienced and proactive site team however, we were able to overcome these challenges and both plant rooms were completed on time and within budget.