Pengallet Farm, Llanddysul, South Wales

Pengallet Farm is an existing working farm that had a new 50 KW A/D plant installed to utilise the waste products available from the farm.

The scheme involved the utilisation of 7 x 10,000 litre tanks split between Hydrolysis and Methanogenesis, a gas sled tank and water tanks. All the various tanks had to be piped up and routed around the site and into the CHP plant room. The scheme meant that the output from the A/D would be sufficient to run the majority of the farm.

The installation consisted of combination of press fit stainless steel and traditional copper pipework where required.

NG Biogas was impressed with the quality of work PES had undertaken on previous projects and had no hesitation in asking PES to work with them on this, the first of many agriculture A/D projects they had in the pipeline.

PES undertook the full supply and installation of all the pipework from the tanks to the CHP and dryer, and into the control / plant room, and worked alongside NG Biogas in recommending the use of Stainless Steel pipework, compared to the original material specified, to offer a longer life expectancy for the project.