Northgate House, Oxford.

The redevelopment of Northgate House aims to transform the site into a vibrant space housing a new college quad, city center postgraduate accommodation, retail units, a Digital Hub, and versatile teaching and learning spaces. The building’s heating system utilizes Ground Source energy.

Project Scope: PES Ltd was contracted to handle the complete fabrication and installation of the plant room, achieving the following:

  • Heating System Installation: Implemented a Ground Source heating system, designed to provide efficient and sustainable energy for the entire building.
  • Fabrication and Pipework: All pipework was fabricated using high-quality welded stainless steel. The majority of the fabrication was completed off-site to ensure precision and efficiency.
  • On-Site Installation: Our team of fully qualified pipefitters installed the prefabricated components on-site, ensuring seamless integration with the building’s infrastructure.

Challenges and Solutions:

  • Tight Schedule: The plant room installation needed to be completed within a 6-week period as per the site programme. Through meticulous planning and efficient off-site fabrication, PES Ltd met the project timeline.
  • Complex Coordination: Coordinating off-site fabrication and on-site installation required precise scheduling and communication to maintain project continuity and quality.


  • Timely Completion: The plant room was completed within the specified 6-week period, adhering to the project schedule and client expectations.
  • High-Quality Standards: The use of welded stainless steel and off-site fabrication ensured a high-quality, durable installation that meets industry standards.