Clavering Place Farm.

The project was a unique project as the farm was gearing up to dry large amounts of drain by using an open loop ground source system.

The cooling water was drawn from a lake from approximately 400m away through a 200mm PE pipe system, pumped from the lake pontoon. All of this was put through a boll back wash filter together with a PHE.

The system water was then put through the clivert WDH, together witha series of three port valves, pumps and buffer vessel to the two 570kw heating and cooling coils.

All the pipe work used was 204mm and 104mm stainless steel and approx. 90% of the system wasfabricated off site. 

Due to contractual commitments by the client the whole system had to be started, completed and up and working within a 5-week period which we achieved