Clavering Place Farm.

This unique project involved preparing a farm to dry large amounts of grain using an open-loop ground source system. The system required drawing cooling water from a lake approximately 400m away.

Project Scope:

PES Ltd was tasked with the supply, fabrication, and installation of the cooling system. The process involved:

  • Water Source and Filtration: Cooling water was drawn from the lake through a 200mm PE pipe system and pumped from the lake pontoon. The water was then filtered using a boll backwash filter and passed through a plate heat exchanger (PHE).
  • Heating and Cooling System: The system water was circulated through the Clivet WDH, integrated with a series of three-port valves, pumps, and a buffer vessel, supplying two 570kw heating and cooling coils.
  • Pipework: The installation used 204mm and 104mm stainless steel pipework, with approximately 90% of the system fabricated off-site to ensure efficiency and precision.

Challenges and Solutions:

  • Tight Timeline: Due to the client’s contractual commitments, the entire system needed to be designed, installed, and operational within a 5-week period. Through meticulous planning and efficient off-site fabrication, PES Ltd successfully met this challenging deadline.
  • Logistical Coordination: Drawing water from a distant lake required careful logistical planning and coordination to ensure seamless integration with the existing farm infrastructure.


  • On-Time Delivery: The system was completed and fully operational within the required 5-week timeframe, meeting all client specifications and commitments.
  • High-Quality Installation: The use of high-quality materials and precision fabrication ensured a robust and efficient cooling system.

Client Feedback:

The client praised PES Ltd for their ability to deliver a complex and high-quality system within a tight schedule, highlighting the professionalism and expertise of the PES team.