British Library

As part of a major site reorganisation, PES Ltd was engaged to transform an existing office unit into the new site energy center, leveraging Ground Source technology to heat the entire site.

Project Scope:

PES Ltd was tasked with the supply, fabrication, and installation of the main energy center, as well as two additional smaller plant rooms to support the comprehensive heating strategy.

Our Approach:

To optimise efficiency and minimise on-site disruption, the entire energy center was fabricated in our Midlands workshop using high-quality stainless steel. This off-site fabrication significantly reduced the time required on site, proving to be highly effective.


  • Successful installation of the main energy center and supporting plant rooms.
  • Efficient use of Ground Source technology for sustainable heating.
  • Minimised on-site construction time, leading to reduced disruption.

PES Ltd’s expertise in off-site fabrication and installation ensured a smooth and efficient transition to the new energy center, meeting the project’s goals and exceeding client expectations.